Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

From our hiring practices to how we devote our time and resources — our fundamental goal is to eliminate the many barriers that remain prevalent in the financial industry. If you've partnered with us, you'll hear the phrase "doing well by doing right" quite often. It's something we believe wholeheartedly, and a sentiment that's much stronger when practiced, not preached.

The only way to see progress is to be it.

Equitable Hiring Practices

By ensuring that our recruiting process is inclusive and implementing policies to mitigate bias in our hiring practices, we believe we are building the foundation for a healthy, diverse workforce. But the work doesn't stop with recruitment. We are consistently reviewing and revising policies to create equitable systems with the goal to support the retention and development of a diverse team.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

We didn’t simply go out and hire a “chief diversity officer” to check off a box. We built a team from within. Our DEI Council meets two times a month to continuously check progress on our goals, discuss new initiatives and encourage any associate to help influence how we can create a more diverse and inclusive environment.

Foundations for Belonging Workshops

Our board members and entire organization have completed Foundations for Belonging, which is an experiential learning workshop that helps you appreciate the differences in others, engage with your own unconscious bias and create a dialogue in order to nurture a more inclusive environment.

Associate Resource Groups

We have multiple associate-led groups representing a variety of backgrounds and diversity dimensions that are designed to encourage workplace connections and foster inclusion and belonging, based on shared characteristics, experiences, and goals.

Giving back isn't a one-time transaction, it's an investment in our community.

We constantly strive to create meaningful, lasting impact in our communities. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion extends beyond words to supporting programs and developing partnerships with organizations specializing in equity and inclusion. This includes our recently launched Buckingham Community Partnerships initiative, which funds organizations focusing on systemic injustices and resource gaps in vulnerable communities.

To that end, our long-term partnerships with the Foundation for Financial Planning (FFP) and Invest STL enable us to offer pro bono financial advice, elevating financial literacy and stability in underserved areas and empowering predominantly Black communities to build wealth, fostering resilience and growth within their neighborhoods.

Community Partners

Meaningful change can only come from meaningful action.

Mission: Our goal is to combat individual and systemic injustice in our firm and industry by continuously seeking to eliminate bias and prejudice through our policies, procedures and people to increase diversity and create a culture of safety and inclusion for all people. We also aim to focus our resources and expertise in the industry to eliminate barriers to opportunity created by systemic racism and other forms of injustice.

  • Equal Opportunity: Increase diversity at all levels in our firm.

  • Inclusive Policy: Create a culture of safety and inclusion for all people.

  • Broad Perspective: Support families with limited access to quality financial guidance.

What's it like to partner with us?
Hear it straight from the source.

Lizzie Roberts

Client Service Operations Manager

"We're committed to actions."

Daniel Martinez

Director, Advisory Team Leadership

"Leadership is fully committed to making changes in this area."

Jordan Dyson

Strategic Initiatives Manager

"We're creating a culture that promotes inclusion."

Our values,
shared from the top down.

  • DEI Council

  • image: /uploads/images/people/Hartman-Wendy.png

    Wendy Hartman

    Board Sponsor

    President, Buckingham Strategic Wealth

  • image: /uploads/images/site/JeffRemming.jpg

    Jeff Remming

    Board Sponsor

    Chief Platform Officer

  • image: /uploads/images/site/JDyson31.png

    Jordan Dyson


    Strategic Initiatives Manager

  • image: /uploads/images/site/Lewis-Alicia_HighRes.jpg

    Alicia Lewis

    Vice-Chair, Associate Resource Group Lead

    Associate Wealth Advisor

  • image: /uploads/images/site/Daniel-Martinez_2022-12-21-205349.jpg

    Daniel Martinez

    Vice-Chair, Data & Reporting Lead

    Director, Advisory Team Leadership

  • image: /uploads/images/site/Carrie-Hutchcraft-Headshot-653-680.png

    Carrie Hutchcraft

    Communications Lead

    Director, Creative Services & Communications

  • image: /uploads/images/site/Mazzuca-Lauren_HighRes.jpg

    Lauren Mazzuca

    Foundations for Belongings Lead

    Service Management Lead

  • image: /uploads/images/site/Ressner-David-Profile.jpg

    Dave Ressner

    DEI Education Co-Lead

    Wealth Advisor

  • image: /uploads/images/site/Otto_Amanda_2022_HighRes_2.jpg

    Amanda Otto

    DEI Education Co-Lead

    Wealth Advisor

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